How To Edit DNS

How To Edit DNS

In this section, we will provide instructions on how to edit your DNS records within CHI.

Please note that changes made to the DNS can take up to 24 hours to propagate and for the changes to take effect.

Step One: Navigate To The DNS section of CHI

1.    Log in to your CHI account at

2.   Click on the Domains Tab off to the left

3.   Select the domain you wish to edit the DNS for on the left

4.    Click on the DNS tab towards the top of the Page

Step Two: Edit The Nameserver Information

1.   From this screen you can edit the nameservers.

      The default nameservers for  are the following:


2. Once you are done editing the nameservers click the blue save changes button.

Step Three: Configure Advanced Options

1.    Further down the page you are able to edit advanced records such as A records, CNAME records, TXT records etc.

2. At the bottom right corner of each record section there is an option to add new DNS records as shown in the screenshot above. This is used when a domain requires multiple MX records, or TXT records for authentication purposes, etc.    

If you would like more information on the various record types please see this article:

Only domains that are pointed to our name servers will be affected by the changes made in this section. Only domains that are registered through  will have access to this panel to manage custom DNS records. If a domain is registered elsewhere, our name servers can still be used and the domain will function properly. However, access to create custom DNS records will not exist.

If you have a domain registered outside of, and you require access to manage your DNS records for your domain, please point your domain to your registrar’s name servers. You will need to point the appropriate DNS records to our servers from your registrar’s control panel.

The UK2 Nameservers are:


Troubleshoot Common Errors

The most commonly edited DNS settings are A, CNAME, and MX records.

Examples of how to set up these records are below:

A Record:  Points your domain name to a hosting server.


Points To: IP Address

TTL:  86400 (1 Day)

CNAME Record:  Connects the www or subdomain to your domain name.

Host:  or

Points To:

TTL:  86400 (1 Day)

MX Record : Connects your domain to a mail server.

Priority: 0 (A record with a priority of 0 will be checked first, then higher priorities)


Goes To:

TTL:  14400 (4 Hours)

If you get stuck or have any questions feel free to contact our technical support team. They will be happy to assist you.

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