How do I connect via FTP?

How do I connect via FTP?

How To Access FTP

You can use different third party client software to connect through FTP, though we recommend using Filezilla since it works best with our system. You can learn how to connect to your FTP using Filezilla here.

How To Download An FTP Client

Each FTP client is differently set up, but each should have the same basic configuration. The following steps will use FileZilla FTP Client, a free, open-source program.

  1. Download FileZilla from the following link:

  2. Complete the installation of the program on your computer.

  3. Open FileZilla.


How To Connect To My Website

  1. You will be using the Quickconnect feature in FileZilla as soon as the program opens. The information you require can be found in your CHI account by going to the initial page of your shared hosting service.

  2. Fill in the following information at the top of the screen:
    1. Host: Enter your (Replace with your domain name, the server name, or the server's IP address)

    2. Username: Enter your cPanel username

    3. Password: Enter your cPanel password

    4. Port: Leave this field blank

  3. After filling in the information, click “Quickconnect.”

3. After connecting, you will want to double-click the "public_html/" or the "www/" folder. This is your root access point for your website and serves as the top level of importing any files. You will then drag your files that you want from the LEFT side of your screen to the RIGHT side of the screen. This should upload your site files.

If you encounter any errors or problems with this process, please contact our technical support department. They will be happy to help resolve any issues you may experience.

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