Displaying Blog Posts

Displaying Blog Posts

Choose how blog posts and post listings are displayed

Blog pages

The first time you click blog in the main menu, two blog page layouts will be added to your site. These two pages act as "masters" and show how your post list and individual post pages will look. Any content you add to these layouts will be seen on every page that uses the layout.

If you're not ready for your blog to go live, see the Taking your blog offline section below.

Adding a post list to your site

  1. Click Add content

add content

Add content

  1. Scroll to or search for Post list

post list

Post list

  1. Drag Post list onto the page and your blog posts will appear.

post list on page

Post list on page

Taking your blog offline

  1. Click Blog

blog icon

Blog icon

  1. Click Setup

  2. Click the Blog visibility dropdown and select Offline

blog set up

Blog set up

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